Origin and History of Tennis

It is a matter of importance to know the origin and history of a thing, a place, and even a sport. Every sport has its origin and history. So, it is the same with tennis. When did the people started to play this game? Where did it originated? You can know the answer to these questions through this post.

Before this sport became a well-known sport, you might have already enjoyed playing it as a simple game. The original name of this sport was actually lawn tennis. The reason is that it was originally played in a court made of grass. Nowadays, it is most played in a wide court like a basketball court. Tracing back its history, this sport is known with its various name such as real tennis, court tennis, and royal tennis in various countries.

When did this game started to be a popular sport?

In the late 1960’s up to 1970’s, there are major championships held and a lot of players from amateurs to professionals participated in the event. From then on, many players became popular in this kind of sport. They were featured on television screens and their dream to become a worldwide famous tennis player started to come true, a dream come true. England and the United States are some of the countries who are well-known ancient tennis players.

From different nations, a lot of players attempted to join in every international tennis game with their hope to win and bring the championship award as an honor to their country as well, not only for themselves.